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Top Trends in Commercial Glass Design for Modern Office Spaces

an image of a commercial workspace hallway with glass walls.

Consider the following information: By the year 2030, Canada is looking to reduce emissions by as much as 45%. Is your office taking the necessary measures to reduce its carbon footprint?

One way of going "green" is by installing glass around your office. This could be walls, furniture, and more.

Even better, glass is recyclable, making it a sustainable, sleek option. You can also choose from countless different shapes and styles, making glass extremely versatile.

Are you wondering about the best commercial glass trends? Here's a list of trending designs.

Glass Offices

Glass walls offer countless benefits in offices. For starters, they create an open, cohesive feel for employees. They're also low-maintenance and offer more natural lighting.

Natural lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere and even boost the overall productivity of all employees.

When you utilize glass walls in commercial buildings, you're encouraging employees to work creatively, increasing overall morale.

You can choose from the following types of custom glass walls:

  • Acoustic glass, such as laminated panels

  • Laminated glass to increase safety

  • Fire-rated glass, also called ceramic glass

You can also look to install tinted glass if you're looking for some privacy.

Smart Glass Technology

Are you looking to offer an optional barrier while encouraging employees to work together in tandem? Then, consider smart glass technology.

As with glass walls, smart glass allows natural light to filter into your workspace, regardless of what mode the glass is set to. This allows all employees to look outside throughout the day.

Smart glass is excellent in small spaces, especially if you're looking to replace traditional walls. When you apply projection film, smart glass doubles as a projection surface.

Conference Room Walls

Decorative glass is an excellent way of offering privacy around conference rooms without feeling too heavy or cumbersome. It's perfect for limiting distractions and can work to reduce natural light if your office receives too much of it.

If you need to soundproof a room, then decorative glass is ideal. When you install laminated glass, it comes with two layers of sound dampening PVB. These glass features work to reduce sound waves.

You can even install moveable glass walls that function with the touch of a button.

Glass Office Furniture

If you're looking for eco-friendly options for your office, consider glass furniture. You can choose from a myriad of glass desks to fit a variety of modern styles.

Glass desks can instantly brighten up any office space as they reflect light. They're also easy to clean and maintain and make for an ideal component of any office building.

Invest in Commercial Glass Today

Once you decide to invest in commercial glass for your office building, the choices are endless. You can choose from a myriad of modern glass desks, partitions, walls, and more. If you're looking for a sustainable material, then glass is your go-to feature.

If you need custom glass in Scarborough, ON, Northstar Glass can help. We offer custom commercial and residential glass for all your needs.

You can reach us at 416-750-8688 or email us at We have the knowledge and expertise to create the commercial or residential space of your dreams.


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