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Storefront Glass

Top-grade Storefront Glass Replacement in Toronto

Starting a new business or renovating an existing structure can be challenging. Selecting the right storefront glass can set the stage for sales opportunities. If you are planning to upgrade your existing door to a new one, reach out to us.  At Northstar Glass, not only do we understand that you want your glass storefront to be impeccably installed and free of cracks or dents, we also understand that you want it looking just the way you imagined. The team of technicians at Northstar Glass Glass provides storefront glass replacement in Toronto and more.


From personalized glass to regular glass storefronts, our crew can install, repair, and replace them all. We pay close attention to what you want for your business's appearance, and we work hard to create the storefront that best represents your company. Northstar Glass has a lot of experience with unusually sized designs, and no pattern is too difficult to discover or work with!


We at Northstar Glass understand that your company is unique and that you want your storefront to reflect that. We will work with you to determine the type of pattern you desire, ranging from simple single pane to more sophisticated designs. Residential glass, such as glass curtain walls, is also available to improve the beauty of your home.


Read our blogs to learn more about the latest trends, tips and tricks related to glass doors. You can also read reviews from some of our past clients.


What Is a Storefront?

As a retail shop owner, you might be aware of the importance of storefronts in attracting customers. For those who are not, a storefront is a retail store's entryway on the street level of the building. Display windows on a storefront provide an ideal location to showcase products and improve curb appeal. Storefronts can include a combination of glass inside a wooden or aluminum framing to give the impression of a see-through wall.


At Northstar Glass, we provide beautiful and functional glass storefronts in Toronto to enhance your visibility and market appeal. We can help you make a positive impression on the visitors in the area. We also provide other types of commercial glass, including office glass walls.

Factors That Can Damage a Glass Storefront

Properly installed glass storefronts will typically last around 20-30 years. Features like added glazing can prolong their life and keep them looking their best. However, numerous factors can come together to damage your storefront, necessitating repairs or a possible replacement. These factors include:

Continued exposure to elements like harsh winds, rain, sleet, snow or sunlight
Poor quality glass
Poor installation methods
Structural damage to the property affecting the windows
Thermal inefficiency of the windows
Improper maintenance or the lack thereof


Paying attention to these causes of damage can help you prolong the life of your glass storefronts. You can find out more about taking care of glass on our carefully-curated blog page.

When to Replace Your Storefront Glass?

When your storefront glass is damaged, we repair it. However, a repair might not be possible or reasonable in many scenarios. If you're on the fence about replacing your storefront glass, we invite you to consider the following factors:

Age of the storefront: As we've mentioned above, storefront glass can last between 20-30 years, depending on the type of framing material. For instance, while aluminum frames can last up to 15 years, you probably won't have to replace your wooden frame for up to 30 years.

Visual damage: On other properties, visible damage isn't a chief consideration when deciding to replace the glass. However, on commercial storefronts, obvious damages like cloudy glass can be an eyesore and affect your business.

Frequent repairs: While requiring a few glass storefront repairs is ordinary, we advise paying attention to their frequency. If you have to buy parts or call for repairs often, it is more prudent to replace your glass storefront.

Reduction of thermal integrity: Your commercial storefront is an essential aspect of your property's insulation. However, old glass has a lower U-factor, decreasing energy efficiency. A leaky storefront glass generally needs a replacement.

If you're still confused about storefront glass replacement, we invite you to speak to our team. Our experienced glass contractors have helped countless clients in the past.

Why You Should Replace Your Storefront Glass?

As a business owner, you might forget to pay attention to the appearance of your property. However, we believe that a glass storefront reflects your business and can impact your clients. Your store's outside appearance can affect your revenue, even more so when you rely heavily on foot traffic. Our storefront glass replacements in Toronto come with numerous benefits, such as:

Improved security: Old glass loses its durability and will provide an opportunity to thieves. With a new storefront glass, you can display your goods safely. Enhanced curb appeal: Outdated glass can make your business lose its curb appeal. With a new facade, you can make use of this space effectively.

Energy-efficiency: Glass gets thinner with age, affecting its insulating capability. The older glass will result in energy loss, stressing your commercial property's HVAC equipment. Replacing your storefront glass can help improve your energy efficiency and lower your bills.

Reduced maintenance costs: The chances are that your outdated storefront glass requires constant repairs, which can burn a hole in your wallet. While a replacement might seem expensive, it can help you save money in the long run.

Increased value: Newly replaced storefront glass has many benefits, which can drive up your commercial property's value. This feature can help attract potential buyers and tenants if that is what you desire.

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of our storefront glass replacement in Toronto, please speak to us. We can work on commercial, industrial and institutional properties of all sizes.

Emergency Service for Your Storefront

Northstar Glass is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's impossible to avoid a break-in or vandalism when glass cracks or dents, and it's even more challenging to prevent a break-in or vandalism when it happens. That is why Northstar Glass provides emergency storefront service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your glass storefront in the Toronto area has been damaged, don't hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere for Your Store

A glass storefront can offer your business a lot. Not only are you able to show your products in the window, but letting customers see it creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes them keen to come into your store. In addition, it can create a sunny interior, which is beneficial for the well-being of your employees. Since glass technology is constantly improving, now more than ever before you can install glass with the confidence that it won’t drastically increase your energy bill.

If you are considering a new look or looking to modernize the current glass storefront that you already have, Northstar Glass can advise you on what might work best for your business, as well as install your new storefront. Regardless of the type of facility, you are responsible for, be it a retail, an industrial site, an office building, or an educational facility, we offer you a variety of options so that you get the storefront that works for you.

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If you are in need of repairs, replacement, and installation for your glass storefront in Scarborough and the Toronto area, get in touch with Northstar Glass by phone or email. We’re looking forward to working with you and assisting you in bringing more people into your business.

Modernize Your Storefront

We always have you covered when it comes to storefront glass replacement in Toronto. Please get in touch with us to upgrade the glass features on your commercial or industrial property.

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