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Custom Glass

Emergency Custom Glass Replacement in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Are you bored with compact spaces and traditional-looking houses or offices? Add a twist to your renovation by installing glass at your property without hurting your pockets. Northstar Glass provides you with premium quality custom glass products in Toronto like storefront glass and glass curtain walls. We also replace glass in your windows, doors, and much more. For over 25 years, our customers have trusted our quality workmanship.

If you’re looking for precision, high-quality, cost-effective, and honest solutions for custom glass, then Northstar Glass is at your service 24/7. Get all your demands fulfilled with us, from window glass installation to emergency repair work. Our experience and knowledge allow us to complete custom glass replacements and repairs on time and within your budget.

Have you lost windows due to storm damage or your business storefront to an accident? Fear not — the professionals at Northstar Glass are here to help you. We have advanced equipment to quickly repair or replace your custom glass and windows throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Call us for 24/7 emergency services for secure boarding up and glass replacements.

Our Services

At Northstar Glass, we offer personalized solutions for custom glass services in several areas in the residential and commercial sphere. Here are some applications of custom glass we deal with:

  • Storefronts
    A classy store invites customers and what oozes more class than a glass storefront. We have provided our custom glass services to numerous stores in Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area. Join the list of our happy store owners. Get in touch with our experienced professionals today.

  •  Office Walls
    Customized glass office walls will add an aesthetic value to your office and will certainly lift the mood of those working in it. From design to planning and installation, we can take care of everything, so give us a call, and our experts will be at your disposal.

  • Custom Glass
    Do you know what will make your house all the more appealing? A set of custom windows with stunning glass. Apart from replacing window glass, we also specialize in repairing broken ones.

  • Glass Countertops
    Custom glass countertops are exquisite and versatile. They give the kitchen an added zeal, which is why homeowners in Scarborough have time and again opted for them.

  • Curtain Walls
    There is no scarcity of natural light in Scarborough, so why not make the most out of it? Make the most of the natural light by installing glass curtain walls in your home. We can offer you several designs for glass curtain walls. Just give us a call, and we'll help you out.

  • Glass Shower Enclosures
    Modern glass shower enclosures are captivating in every sense, and we indeed second that thought as we have a plethora of designs in store. Get in touch, and we'll help you out.

A Complete Solution for Your Residential and Commercial Projects

Never compromise your safety when you discover a broken window glass or storefront. Immediately contact Northstar Glass to fix your damaged glass before it leads to severe accidents. Get our emergency services to repair your custom glass at your convenience. 

Instead of looking for customers, attract them with our customized glass storefronts that allow natural sunlight to enter your commercial space and create a luxurious ambience for your customers. Partner with us to repair, upgrade and install custom glass at your residential or commercial properties.

We will assist you in choosing the right products for custom glass replacement in Scarborough. Our professionals use their years of experience and knowledge to deliver the results you expect. We replace custom glass in Scarborough to your specifications. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality services. Northstar Glass is the preferred company for custom glass replacements and repairs in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

5 Irresistible Benefits of Glass for Your Commercial or Residential Property

Glass is the new talk of the town; not just because of its appealing and sophisticated look, but also due to its countless advantages. An increasing number of property owners are choosing our custom glass in Toronto, and with good reason. 

Custom glass features, such as windows, storefronts, countertops, and walls, can make a big difference to your commercial or residential property. Custom glass features come with numerous benefits, such as:


Aesthetically alluring: Create a classy and beautiful ambience with a bit of touch from our custom glass. Lighten up your property with our glass panels and enjoy ample space, transparency, and modern appeal.

 Higher property valuation: Grow the value of your residential and commercial property by adding our custom glass products to your interior, which is an asset to any space.

Energy efficiency: Save energy and create a sustainable environment with our high-quality custom glass that reflects UV rays and is easily recycled. Installing glass in your property prevents heat hence decreasing your cooling costs.

Personalization: Our custom glass offers a high degree of personalization. We provide you with hands-on assistance and inspect your needs, budget, property and taste to provide you with glass products that meet them.

Waterproof: Glass does not require high maintenance, the dust and water from the crystal-clear surface of the glass can be removed quickly without an issue. This makes it a perfect option for places where there is a lot of dust or sand in the air.

Other notable benefits include:


The benefits of having a custom glass at your home or office are:

  • Reflects professionalism

  • Reduces energy and construction charges

  • Durability

  • Enlightens your mood

  • Reconfigures your space

  • Low-cost remodelling

  • Reduces background noise

  • Flexible enough to be adjusted in different areas

  • Easy maintenance

Contact Us

Located in Scarborough, Northstar Glass works all throughout Greater Toronto and the surrounding area for commercial, public and residential clients with a variety of new construction and renovations. Let our professionals handle Scarborough’s custom glass replacement and repair needs. Contact us to discuss your ideas for creative designs with custom glass or economical glass replacement. You can also visit some of our project sites to gain inspiration from our work.


Want to Add An Exquisite Touch to Your Storefront or Home?

Utilize our professional custom glass services for your place in Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area.


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