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Need Glass?

Quality Commercial and Residential Glass Replacement

Both homes and commercial buildings feature glass windows on exterior walls, and many structures use glass elsewhere throughout the property. You'll see glass in bathroom mirrors, on office walls and even in decorative features like shelving and furniture. If you are planning to update or renovate your property with glass replacements in Toronto, Northstar Glass can help. Count on us in case of an emergency; our team is available at your service 24/7.

Wherever and whenever you need glass in Toronto, Northstar Glass will be there for you! Our services range from secure board-ups in emergency situations to anticipated glass repair and replacement. Located in Scarborough, we operate throughout the Greater Toronto Area and provide professional glass services to homeowners and property managers alike.

Residential Glass

As a locally owned and operated business, Northstar Glass cares about providing trustworthy, reliable service to our neighbours. Our top-quality residential glass allows you to update your home with features like:

Frameless shower enclosures
Curtain walls

We also have glass options designed to increase your home's security and comfort. If your windows aren't properly installed or are of a low quality, the cold outside air can easily make its way into your home. You'll be stuck shivering and with much higher utility bills.

Commercial Glass

Multi-family housing complexes, business offices and public buildings have many different glass needs. For example, you might want sleek glass doors to showcase your services and inviting atmosphere to customers, while someone else is more interested in tinted safety glass for enhanced security.

We've worked on a wide variety of commercial glass projects around Toronto since 2001. Our work includes:

Major construction jobs
Emergency glass repair

Commercial glass is also crucial for the prolonged comfort of your building, increased energy efficiency and noise reduction. But don't worry, we have the right glass for your building and your budget!

Get Quick and Prompt Services

We understand the importance of a rapid response time, as broken glass is very dangerous and for exterior applications, compromises your building's security. Rest assured you won't have to wait for hours upon hours for us to arrive – our team will respond and work as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions in your day and restore the security of your property.

Please keep in mind that even if your glass is cracked instead of broken, it will require a replacement. Cracks in the glass can spread in the blink of an eye, and broken glass results in a long cleanup process with serious safety hazards. It's much easier to replace a cracked window than a broken one, so please don't delay – give us a call as soon as you spot even the smallest crack. In the meantime, to help stop the crack from spreading, you can place masking tape on both sides of the glass for stabilization or apply superglue to the damaged area.

Our custom glass service in Toronto meets all your specifications and helps you improve the look and feel of your property the way you want. Get in touch with us to discuss your project in detail. Browse our customers’ testimonials for their feedback about our services.

Call for a Free Consultation

Do you have questions about our services or need assistance now? Call us at 416-750-8688 to request help or to schedule a free on-site consultation. We look forward to working with you!

Northstar Glass 

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