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Entry Doors

Elegant Commercial Glass Doors in Toronto

Your entry door is the first thing that clients, patrons and visitors see when visiting your business. Installing a beautiful entry door is an excellent way to make a good impression on them. We, at Northstar Glass, provide repair and replacement services for glass doors in Toronto. Our team has several years of experience in delivering commercial-grade doors that meet all kinds of requirements, ranging from restaurants to retail stores. The doors that we provide are not just attractive to look at, but they provide your commercial property with the security they need.


If you're looking for commercial glass doors in Toronto, please get in touch with us.

Our Services

Our team has many years of experience installing entry doors for businesses. We also offer repairs for your doors if needed. Instead of providing quick fixes, we focus on long-term solutions instead.


We also provide replacement services when a repair is not feasible or if you want an upgrade. We regularly update our inventory with premium doors so that you always have something to choose from.


Our Clients

Over the years, we have provided our services to diverse commercial clients. Our team believes in providing a hands-on approach to everyone who chooses our services. When you come to us, we carefully assess your property, requirements and budget to offer individualized repair and replacement solutions. Our approach enables us to serve all types of commercial properties, such as:

  • Retail stores

  • Grocery stores

  • Offices

  • Malls

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • And more

If you require an entry door for your commercial property in Toronto, please speak to our team.

The Benefits of Commercial Glass Entry Doors in Toronto

Glass remains a popular commercial construction element, thanks to the transparent material and aesthetic appeal that makes it ideal within official or corporate settings. Whether it is an interior door for an individual cabin, conference room, or main office entrances, glass entry doors are the ultimate choice for many.

Are you on the fence about installing a commercial glass door on your property? We invite you to consider the following benefits that a glass door can offer:

Durability: Our glass doors are manufactured using world-class glass that stands tough against a high degree of pressure. They are probably tempered, which means that they can withstand wear and tear. The glass doors are not prone to shattering and will last you a long time to come.

Appearance: When it comes to aesthetic value, commercial glass doors are unbeatable. They add a classy touch to all types of commercial properties, whether it's an office or a clothing store. Our beautiful glass doors will leave a positive impression on your customers, visitors and patrons.

No rusting: Glass doors can maintain their polished look for many years with regular cleaning. They will not rust and cannot fall prey to rodents, termites or other such creatures.

Space: As a material, glass is often used to add the impression of more space to a room. Our commercial glass doors don't look clunky but instead, add a sleek and polished look to a room.

Types of Commercial Glass Entry Doors

The entrance of a commercial property is essential for maintaining a positive relationship with its clients. Well-functioning and easily accessible doors will leave a good impression on your visitors and boost your business. The following are some common types of commercial glass entry doors:

  • Revolving doors: Glass revolving doors are an excellent choice for managing foot traffic in your commercial space. They also lead to the preservation of energy, which reduces your heating and cooling costs. 

  • Automatic doors: Automatic doors lead to a better flow of foot traffic into your commercial property. They are incredibly easy to manage, and add a contemporary touch to any space. 

  • Frameless doors: Frameless glass doors add a modern touch to any commercial property. They're often present in office buildings and retail spaces. They add to the business' exterior appearance. 

  • Balanced doors: Typically, balanced glass doors require less space to install and operate. This is because only two-thirds of the door swings. They're ideal for buildings that are older. 

  • Aluminum storefront door: These doors are one of the most popular commercial entry doors and with good reason. They're lightweight without compromising on strength. They can be installed in all types of business establishments. 

Would you like to learn more about choosing the right commercial glass door in Toronto? We invite you to check out our blog. Alternatively, you can also discuss your needs with our team.

Types of Glass for Commercial Doors

There's a glass type for practically every type of commercial door, thanks to a wide range of options:

  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is among the strongest glass options available. It is durable and able to deflect blunt impacts without breaking. If it breaks, it shatters into tiny pea-size pieces, with rounded edges, rather than splintering into sharp-edged fragments.

  • Laminated glass: Laminated glass panes are known for their strength. In the case the glass breaks, its pieces won’t shatter and fall out of place; because of the interlayer, broken glass pieces will remain within the pane. With its additional layers, laminated glass reduces noise; this is an important feature to consider for spaces located on busy streets.

  • Fire-rated glass: In the case of a building fire, fire-rated glass is one of the best commercial glass choices for protecting people and property. There are two categories of fire-rated glass: fire-protective glass and fire-resistant glass. The latter offers the most protection during a fire.

Why Choose Us?

We, at Northstar Glass, have provided entry door replacement and repair services to many commercial property owners. Those who choose our services have many benefits to enjoy, including:

  • Expertise from experience: We have over 25 years of experience in successfully meeting the needs of our clients.

  • Long-lasting solutions: We carry out our repairs and replacements with the utmost attention to detail so that you can enjoy your doors for many years to come.

  • High-quality doors: We provide commercial-grade doors that are made from materials of the highest quality.

  • Versatility: We provide a wide range of options so that owners of all commercial properties find something they like.

  • Customized solutions: We don't follow a cookie-cutter approach, but mould our services according to your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Glass Doors

The following are some frequently asked questions about our commercial glass doors in Toronto:


Why do businesses have glass doors?

Commercial glass doors within the workplace can improve communication. Commercial interior glass doors have become a popular trend in business buildings because they allow workers to feel more connected; they are no longer separated by cubicles. An important benefit is that employee-to-employee communication is improved.

Why do offices have glass walls?

There are many advantages of having the office and conference rooms walled in glass: better communication, increased collaboration, more natural light, and expansive outdoor views for everyone. The light and openness improve the mood of both employers and employees.

What is the cost of commercial glass replacement?

Commercial glass replacements will often be more expensive than residential glass because of the thickness and size of the glass and because commercial glass replacements are often larger than average home windows.

What type of glass is used in storefront doors?

Tempered glass is an excellent way to make your storefront glass safer. Also, it is often required for a window when it is near a door or close to the ground. Tempered glass is 4 times stronger than annealed glass. Tempered glass is not likely to break, but if it does, it shatters into many tiny pieces, making it safer for people near it.

Our Other Commercial Glass Services

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At Northstar Glass, we use the highest quality materials and provide professional installation, so all your openings look pristine on the outside. Moreover, you can depend on our doors to take a beating: our doors can withstand fire or theft. Each of our doors is fire-rated and conforms to all local fire codes. We place the utmost importance on your safety and offer high-end security products for your commercial needs.


Our team offers personalized commercial entry door repairs and replacements in Toronto. Please get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Doors That Balance Elegance and Functionality

We provide entry doors for commercial properties in Toronto. Our doors are designed to meet all of your needs.

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