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Shower Doors

Attractive Glass Shower Doors in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Your bathroom is where you prepare yourself for work in the morning and unwind after a long day. It should be a place that reflects your tastes and matches your requirements. The simplest way to upgrade the look of your bathroom is to install a shower door. We at Northstar Glass provide a whole array of beautiful glass shower doors in Toronto and Scarborough.

We have provided the right shower doors to many clients like you over the years. Our experience allows us to assess your requirements, style and budget and offer you a shower door that matches all of them. We are committed to our industry's highest standards, which is why all of our shower doors are of premium grade.

Our shower doors not only elevate the look of your bathroom, but also give the illusion of more space. Please get in touch with us if you require shower doors in Scarborough or Toronto.

Types of Shower Doors

All bathrooms are unique and reflect the individual tastes and requirements of their owners. For this reason, we provide a wide range of shower doors to match the look of every bathroom. The types of shower doors we offer are:

  • Frameless shower doors
    These shower doors don't have a metal frame on the edges, which gives your bathroom a modern look while enhancing your bathroom's tiles.

  • Semi-frameless shower doors
    Semi-frameless shower doors are an excellent choice for those that want the benefits of a frameless door but have a limited budget.


  • Framed shower doors
    Framed shower doors generally come with aluminum framing and are a reasonable choice.


  • Sliding shower doors
    These shower doors are an excellent option for smaller bathrooms because they meet your needs without taking up too much space.


  • Swinging shower doors
    These doors open outwardly and inwardly, like standard doors, and add a classy look to your bathroom.


  • Bi-fold shower doors
    These doors are a good choice for when you want a swinging door's benefits, but you have space constraints.

We also provide bathtub enclosures and curtain walls to help enhance your space.

Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Many features make shower doors a great addition to your bathroom. They come with many advantages, including:

If you're considering replacing a shower door in your bathroom, contact us to discuss your options. We also provide other products for your home, such as glass countertops.

How to Choose the Right Shower Door

Choosing the right type can be daunting when upgrading your bathroom with a new custom shower door. Each type of shower door comes with its own benefits to meet diverse requirements. When you come to us, our team will carefully inspect your needs to provide you with a suitable style of shower door. In the meanwhile, we recommend considering the following factors when choosing your shower door:


Your budget: Going over your budget is the best place to start and can help you narrow down your options. We offer shower doors to meet all types of price points.

Functionality: It is crucial to inspect how your shower doors will function. The materials your walls are made from, the tub or shower's location, the support studs' placement, and other similar factors determine what type of shower door you can install.

Availability of space: The size of your tub or shower, the dimensions of your bathroom, and other spatial features will limit the choices you have. When replacing your shower door, we aim to make your bathroom feel more spacious.


Style: Your taste and how you want your bathroom to look can help you pick the right shower door. We can customize your shower to match the style and aesthetics in your bathroom.

  • Creates the illusion of space
    The most popular benefit of glass shower doors is that they make your bathroom look bigger.

  • Elevates your bathroom's look
    Glass shower doors add a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

  • Increases your property's value
    Glass shower doors enhance your property's value, which will be beneficial if you plan to sell or rent your property.

  • Low maintenance
    Glass shower doors are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

  • Prevents slips
    Our shower doors keep the rest of your bathroom dry and prevent nasty slips and falls.

Customized Glass Parts

We have provided custom glass solutions to countless clients. Our experience with glass enables us to provide you with shower door parts and accessories. If you require glass shower door repair or replacements in Toronto, you can rely on us to provide you with the right hardware. If you're looking for a particular part for your shower door, please call us.

3 Excellent Ways to Use Glass to Upgrade Your Bathroom

It’s amazing how a few upgrades using glass can change the whole look of your bathroom and add major resale value to your home.

Add glass shower doors

If you like style, glass shower doors are a must. They will make your bathroom look bigger and trendier. There are many stylish options to consider. You can add a glass door to your tub/shower combo too. Glass shower doors can also be installed on any angled space. There is no risk of water leaking or mildew accruing, as in the case of shower curtains. Glass shower doors are also easier to clean. In short, a glass shower door will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. Used in conjunction with a large mirror, your bathroom will look much more spacious.

Install big mirrors

Adding a big mirror to your bathroom is one of the best ways to brighten up the space and make it look bigger. It can also be used as a decorative piece that ties the whole room together, especially if you use a stylish mirror, such as a rounded mirror or a mirror with a fancy frame. For more pizzazz, add LED lighting or lamp fixtures right next to the mirror. If you get a framed mirror, make sure it’s labelled as water-resistant or moisture-resistant. Mirrors will perfectly complement your glass shower doors.

Frost your windows

Frosted windows are a great option for you if you want to let in the natural light but at the same time want privacy. If your bathroom doesn’t already have windows, adding in a window can be a good way to get more natural light and open the space up. Windows help ventilate the bathroom. One thing you could do is go with a half-and-half option: frost the bottom half of the window but keep the top part clear.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Shower Doors

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At Northstar Glass, we have many styles and options of glass shower doors to choose from. Feast your eyes on all the possibilities! If you're looking for attractive and functional glass shower doors for your bathroom in Toronto, get in touch with our team.

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