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Glass Curtain Walls

Durable All-Glass Curtain Walls

When you want to let light into your business or home, choose glass curtain walls! Serving Scarborough and the Toronto areas, Northstar Glass offers all glass curtain walls to Scarborough’s residential and commercial clients. A trend in creating more glass walls in homes and larger buildings is on the rise and the industry is meeting with trends with innovative, energy-efficient glass wall technology. When you choose an all glass curtain wall in Scarborough, we are saying yes to technology that prevents air and water infiltration, as well as one that lets light penetrate deep into your building. At Northstar Glass, we offer replacements and repairs for all glass curtain walls in the Toronto area. In the case of dents, cracks, or vandalism, Northstar Glass is on hand to come to do emergency repairs so that you are never left without a solution for your home or business.

All Glass Curtain Walls: A Wide Variety of Options

There are a plethora of options for glass curtain walls for your home or business. Choose from between the modern beauty of a floor-to-ceiling picture window or awning windows, the classic elegance of oversized French, sliding, or folding doors, and even more! Northstar Glass will work closely with you to help you choose the best option for your residential or commercial space.

What is a Glass Curtain Wall?

What differentiates a curtain wall from a glass wall is that it much thinner and it does not support the overall structure of a building. Any wind or gravity that building is built to withstand is carried mainly by the structure itself, not by the glass. There are two types of curtain wall. The first is stick, which you stand and assemble at the site where it will be used. The second is unitized, which is preglazed and made into a unit at the shop and then hung in its place when it gets to the site where it will be used.

Thermal Efficiency

Are you concerned that so much glass on your building will decrease thermal efficiency? Don’t worry – there is a truly wide variety of high performance curtain walls on the market that will instead enhance thermal efficiency and performance for your building. Some have thermally broken aluminum frames, which have a resistant barrier that prevents heat from flowing out of your house or place of business easily. Others have thermal spacers, which make the curtain wall more airtight, thereby decreasing the flow of heat out of the building. Still others have Low-E glass, which is a reflective material that keeps air inside the structure. In addition to maintaining thermal performance, curtain walls are usually built to aid in water drainage throughout the curtain wall system.

Open the Curtains

Our glass curtain walls let you bring light into your home or business.

Visit Us Today

At Northstar Glass, we know you want to live and work in a space you enjoy. If you think glass curtain wall is right for your business, please get in touch with Northstar Glass today so that we can started on your project. For your next all glass walls project in Scarborough, count on us.

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