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Commercial Glass

Glass Replacement in Toronto 

As a business, we at Northstar Glass understand the importance of keeping your property in good condition. Broken storefronts and cracked windows have the potential to turn into liabilities. We come to the aid of business owners by providing quick and efficient glass replacement services in Toronto. We have experience working on commercial properties such as retail stores, offices and restaurants. Our glass experts know what it takes to meet your needs without forcing you to undertake unnecessary downtime.

Our expertise lies in custom glass replacement, which includes working with uniquely-sized panes that are harder to find. Not only that, but we're available 24/7 to ensure you never have to halt your operations. We also work with residential clients.

We Protect Your Property and Image

If you manage an office, store, rental property, public building or any other type of commercial property, we’re your trusted source for glass replacement in Toronto. We handle interior and exterior projects, and we deliver custom replacements. You can rest assured knowing that our team of professionals has the expertise, equipment and experience to quickly and efficiently provide the exact service you need.


If you want to upgrade your glass but don’t know where to start, we can help. Our seasoned staff helps you choose what type of glass would look the best in your building. We also offer custom glass options, convenient on-site consultations, and estimates. You will know exactly what to expect before you hire us.


What Can We Help With?

You can call Northstar Glass for any of the following:

  • Business storefronts

  • Tempered safety glass

  • Glass doors 

  • Wire glass

  • Glass replacement

  • Glass wall partition

  • Glass curtain walls

If you require a glass replacement in Toronto for your commercial property but aren’t sure if we can help, please contact us.

Types of Commercial Glass

The following are some different types of commercial glass:

  • Insulated glass: This minimizes heat transfer and improves energy efficiency. 

  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass: This type of glass lets light in while blocking the sun's UV rays. 

  • Plexiglass: This type of glass is incredibly shatter-resistant and durable. 

  • Laminated glass: This glass is known to be very strong, and is even used in hurricane windows. 

  • Laminated glass: This glass is often used to develop bulletproof windows and windshields. It is shatter-resistant. 

  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is very stable and doesn't shatter. 

  • Fire-rated glass: As the term suggests, this glass can withstand high temperatures.


Would you like to learn more about the various commercial glasses available? Please reach out to our team.

What's the Cost of Glass Replacement?

There is no set standard for how much it costs to replace a glass window. The price of the replacement depends on several factors and varies from case to case. Some of the conditions that determine the final cost of your window replacement are:

  • Type of window
    The type of window impacts several things, such as the kind of work required. Windows come in many styles, like double-hung windows.

  • Panes
    The number of panes that require work will impact the final cost. Naturally, replacing multiple panes will cost higher than working on a window with one pane.

  • Size
    The height and width of the window will affect the kind of work it will require. A large-sized window will cost higher to replace than a smaller one.

  • Type of glass
    The type of glass used in the replacement will also have an impact on the final price. Your glass may be tempered or laminated and coloured in different tints.

All of these factors come together to affect the final cost of replacement. If you’d like to know how much your glass replacement in Toronto will cost, please call us to speak to our team. They will assess all of these factors and give you an approximate quote.



How to Protect Your Glass from Damage?

Glass features like windows, storefronts and entry doors are long-lasting, provided that you care for them. Although glass is easy to maintain, you can avoid damage to it and keep it looking like new by:

  • Cleaning effectively: Whether it's a window or a storefront, regular cleaning with water, non-abrasive soap, and a lint-free microfiber cloth will prevent grime buildup. Not only that but paying attention to your cleaning materials will ensure that you don't scratch your glass unintentionally.

  • Using tempered glass: At Northstar Glass, we provide glass with various features to meet your needs. We can offer scratch-resistant glass for your commercial property.

  • Use coverage: While it might not be possible to cover your storefront glass or office glass walls during the day, you can protect them with covers during after-hours.

  • Attending to minor damages: Minor scratches on your glass are easy and inexpensive to repair. However, ignoring them can worsen the damage, necessitating extensive repairs or possible replacements later. We recommend getting any scratches on your glass repaired as soon as possible.


The following are some frequently asked questions about our glass replacement in Toronto:

  • What Are Popular Custom Glass Techniques?
    The chief benefit of custom glass is that you have complete control over the modifications that you wish to add. You can choose features and designs that enhance your space and meet your needs. The following are some popular techniques for custom glass: Etched glass Patterned glass Firemolded glass Back painted glass Leaded glass Safety glass
  • What Are Some Uses of Custom Glass in Homes?
    You can enjoy the benefits of custom glass in your home in various ways. Custom glass can be incorporated into: Kitchen backsplashes Tabletops Shelves Windows Walls Room dividers And more! We invite you to view our gallery to acquire some inspiration for your next glass project. Our glass contractors can work with you to develop stunning glass structures that transform your living space.
  • How Much Will My Custom Glass Cost?
    The cost of your custom glass will depend on numerous factors such as the complexity of the project, the type of glass used, the nature of the work and more. You can reach out to our team to get a quote. Do you have any more questions about our custom glass installation in Toronto? Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your queries and concerns.
  • Are Glass Shower Doors worth It?
    Glass shower doors are completely worth it! A glass shower enclosure may seem like a big investment upfront, but it gives a good return. The visual appeal, durability, and functional benefits provide ideal value for money. So yes!
  • What Can You Not Put on a Glass Shower Door?
    While cleaning glass shower doors, never use an abrasive cleaner or scouring pad. Those products can scratch the surface. Instead, clean the shower glass with distilled white vinegar. Or use common household cleaning products that do not contain ammonia, because it will damage the hardware over time.
  • How Do I Clean My Shower Glass?
    The best way to keep shower glass clean is to wipe it with a squeegee after each shower. This will prevent any water spots or soap scum from building up. Another option is to use a daily shower spray like ShowerClean or a vinegar and water solution. If you maintain your bathroom right, it will look new for years.
  • What is a frameless glass shower?
    A frameless glass shower enclosure is made up of 3/8″ or 1/2″ tempered and polished safety glass. This glass has greater strength and does not require heavy metal framing around it.
  • What are the advantages of a frameless glass shower?
    A frameless glass shower enclosure is aesthetically superior to any other shower solution, allowing the tile and other room features to be highlighted. Frameless glass shower doors are easier to clean because they don’t have a metal framing. A frameless shower creates a more open look.
  • What Is a Framed Glass Shower?
    A framed shower is constructed with thinner 3/16″or ¼” glass. It relies on a metal frame to strengthen the enclosure.
  • What Are the Advantages of a Framed Glass Shower?
    Depending on the size and design, a framed shower would cost less because it uses thinner glass and is easier for a technician to install. Framed glass showers can be designed to have an elegant look by using a complementary finish on the frames.

Prompt Services

We understand that you’re a busy business owner who doesn’t have time to work with a company that doesn’t get the job done right the first time. For this reason, we carry out all of our jobs with complete attention to detail. Our approach has enabled us to successfully meet the needs of countless clients. We also know the importance of keeping your business operating normally, which is why we respond quickly. We employ only highly trained professionals who don’t cut corners. You can also expect us to keep you informed on the status of your project at every step. If you are looking for quality glass replacement services, Northstar Glass is the right place to be.

Give Us a Call To Learn More

If you need commercial glass services like a storefront glass replacement or a window repair, our Scarborough staff would be happy to help you. Call us for more information, or email us at We invite you to visit us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM if you would like to speak in person.

Sturdy Glass for Your Storefront in Toronto

At Northstar Glass, we have several years of experience providing attractive and durable glass to store owners.

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