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Glass Repair

Expert Glass Repair Services in Toronto

When you have a broken window, you’re facing a major issue, not to mention a lengthy cleanup process. It compromises your home or business’ security, allowing people, animals, or weather to invade your building, making your problems even worse. You certainly don’t want to walk in to find a flock of birds making themselves at home or rain or snow everywhere! That being said, getting a fast, efficient window repair in Toronto is paramount for the safety, protection and comfort of your home or business.


The experts at Northstar Glass, located in Scarborough, have operated in the area since 2001 and are the people to call for window and glass repair in the Greater Toronto Area. We have the training and equipment required to provide the proper repairs. Installing windows and glass requires precise measurements and zero margins for error. One little mistake can affect the window’s structure and performance, so it’s essential to leave this task for the professionals.

Glass Repair Services We Provide

Serving residential and commercial customers with dedication over the years, Northstar Glass is your solution to all glass needs.  Our specialties include:

  • Customized glass projects
  • Business storefronts and aluminum showcases
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Glazing supplies
  • Home glass repairs
  • Glass doors repairs and replacements
  • Mirrors and tabletops

Our Approach to Glass Repair

At Northstar Glass, we handle the job from start to finish with the utmost professionalism and safety. For us, customer satisfaction is vital, and we ensure our services are prompt and transparent. The different steps undertook by our team to repair glass include:


  1. Appraising the Damage Done
    The first step towards repairing the glass is carefully studying the extent of damage done. Our team always takes measurements, does their research, transparently shares the possible options with you, and only proceeds with the discussed solution.

  2. Finalizing the Solution
    Giving the best possible cost-effective solution for the job, we discuss the detailed work approach with you. Once we get your approval, only then do we begin our work.

  3. Fixing Your Glass
    Our expert team of technicians works diligently to fix your damaged glass in the best and most efficient way possible. We adhere to high safety standards and use advanced precision equipment to get the job done to your satisfaction. 

Common Problems That Require Glass Repair

Here are a few of the most common scenarios for glass repair in Toronto that we regularly see:

  • Cracked glass: Often, windows don’t need to be replaced entirely, even if they’re compromised and contain cracked glass. In some instances, we can replace broken panes of glass without completely re-installing a new glass piece. We won’t be able to tell until we examine the damage, however.

  • Drafty windows:  If you’ve noticed heavier drafts have been flowing through your home or business, this can result in energy loss over time, as you constantly turn up your heating to compensate. Sometimes this type of window repair only requires us to redo the caulking around your window, while other times, it may require a little bit more work.

  • Rotted window sills: If you have wooden window sills, they can swell and get stuck and even rot over time. Heavy winds and rains are the usual culprits. Sometimes all you have to do is replace the window sill and not the entire window to correct this problem. 

  • Won’t open or stay open: Many times, we have customers with glass windows that either won’t open or won’t stay open. Sometimes there could be rust on the opening mechanisms that need to be lubricated, while other times, you may need to replace the hardware completely.

If you aren’t sure what windows are right for your building, we can help you decide depending on the look of your property, your budget and any other unique needs.

Types of Replacement Windows

There are many types of replacement windows on the market. From those designed for maximum safety in a commercial setting to those intended to serve as a focal point on your property, we have the replacement windows for you! We carry, install and repair the following types of windows:

  • Single-Hung: Only the bottom opens and closes with this type of window.
  • Double-Hung: Commonly found in all kinds of buildings, this window's top and bottom are operable.
  • Sliding: The window opens by sliding on a track. This window is ideal for window frames that are wider than they are high.
  • Awning: An awning window opens from the bottom and swings upward courtesy of a crank.
  • Casement: This window opens with a crank handle and swings out toward the exterior of your building. The pane is hinged on one side.
  • Hopper: A hopper window is primarily used in basements. It opens from the top and swings inward. 
  • Bow: The frame features three, four or five windows at 10-degree or 15-degree angles.
  • Bay: The frame features three windows at 25-degree or 45-degree angles.
  • Security: These windows contain glass that is more durable and designed for fire protection, noise insulation and anti-theft purposes. 
  • Custom: These windows are typically designed not to open and are only intended to let in more natural light.

If you aren’t sure what windows are right for your building, we can help you decide depending on the look of your property, your budget and any other unique needs.

The Go-To Company in Toronto for Glass Repair

Northstar Glass is proud to be your go-to company for expert glass repair in Toronto.  We also specialize in making glass doors and glass curtain walls. To learn more, check out our blogs.

Why Choose Northstar Glass?

With our available 24/7 emergency service, we can come by virtually any time you need us! Our customers vouch for the work we do. Our team will also always be more than happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your windows. To learn more about what we have to offer or to schedule an appointment in the Greater Toronto Area, please give us a call. We provide free on-site consultations and look forward to working with you!


Why Hire Professionals for Glass Repair & Replacement?

When it comes to your commercial or residential property, you should only turn to someone you can trust. Northstar Glass has years of experience in providing numerous clients with glass repair and replacement solutions in Toronto. There are many reasons to hire professionals like us to fix the glass on your commercial or residential property, such as:


Safe handling: We have the experience, equipment and expertise to repair glass safely. Doing the job yourself or enlisting laypeople can cause injuries and damage to your property.


No damage: When you don't carry out glass repair with careful attention, the damage can become more extensive. As professionals, we have the training to repair your glass without causing further damage.


Tailor-made services: A significant difference between professional and non-professional glass repair lies in diagnosing the problem and devising suitable solutions. We can find out the source of the problem, and craft long-lasting repair solutions, based on our knowledge of the source of the issue and your requirements.


Comprehensive solutions: As glass repair professionals in Toronto, we can handle all types and styles of glass. We can repair and replace all glass features and products such as windows, storefronts, showcases, tabletops, and more.


Replacements: In many cases, a repair might either not be possible or wouldn't be reasonable. In these scenarios, our glass repairmen in Toronto can provide you with top-class glass replacements.


Would you like to hire us for glass repairs or glass replacements? We invite you to reach out to us to get a quote.

Professional & Prompt Glass Repair Services in Toronto

Get customized and specialized glass repairs done for your home or business.

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