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Emergency Broken Glass Service: A Business Owner’s Guide

Front door with a broken glass

A study revealed that broken glass causes more than 2.5 million injuries in the U.S. each year.

For businesses, broken glass could mean a hazardous working environment for your employees and customers. Additionally, broken glass could be a security risk to your facility. This is why you should fix it immediately.

We understand that a broken glass emergency can happen at any time of the day and disrupt your daily routine. Our step-by-step glass repair guide will help secure your business before contacting an emergency broken glass service company.


Step 1: Assess the Broken Glass Situation: Is It an Emergency?

From burglary to vandalism, a broken glass emergency can happen anywhere on your business premises. You’ll need to start by assessing the extent of the damage.

Try to secure the area and prevent people from accessing it. Then, sweep all the glass shards together. A missed shard has the potential to cause a very serious foot injury – so be very careful.

If possible, broken glass disposal should be done quickly and thoroughly. Don’t forget to protect yourself with protective gear like thick rubber gloves and protective eyewear.

Keep in mind that we only do "real" emergency broken glass repairs which you pay a premium. This includes emergency board-up services. So, if you have repairs that can wait such as broken tabletops, cracked mirrors, or cracked window glass, it's best to call us during regular hours.

Step 2: Check for Details and Cost of the Glass Repair

Next, provide an exact description of the emergency broken glass, including estimated size and location within the property. Glass companies require this information to create a fair quote.

The cost of your repair will depend on various factors such as size, location, and thickness of the glass. Additionally, if you want to add other features to your new glass, like new aluminum frames or double glazing, request a quote from the glass company before booking your appointment.

Step 3: Call an Experienced Emergency Broken Glass Service Company

Once you have completed the steps above, contact a professional commercial glass company to proceed with your repair. The company will immediately send out professionals to replace the glass. Pick a trustworthy glass company that only installs superior products.

A reliable glass replacement company should be certified, insured, and have seasoned staff. They should also offer good customer service. Don’t settle for less; your business deserves the best.

Call the Glass Experts at NorthStar Glass in Toronto

Besides unforeseen accidents, glasses may also start to decline and become more brittle as they age. Thus, if you notice cracks on your glass windows or doors, it is always recommended to call a broken glass company before the situation worsens.

So, whether your glass emergency happened early in the morning or late in the night, contact NorthStar Glass. Our team of experts offers prompt repair services to restore your broken glass windows, doors, panes, and other areas within your property.

We strive to provide custom glass repair solutions that help avoid needless replacements in the long haul. Contact us today to learn about how our emergency broken glass service in Toronto can improve your business.


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