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Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Storefront Door

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Although there's been a recent boom in online sales driven mainly by the pandemic, brick-and-mortar stores can't afford to neglect their storefronts. Retailers should take this opportunity to learn, adjust their strategies, and spruce up their stores.


One of the best ways to revamp your shop is with a new storefront door. How do you choose the right one to make the best first impression?


Find out as we walk you through what you should consider, as well as how to find the best commercial entry doors in Toronto.



When choosing the ideal entry door for your business, security should be one of your top concerns. Having a more secure door and windows can help prevent losses due to break-ins.


Acrylic and plexiglass materials can hold up to mild to moderate impact. Stronger types of glass provide even greater safety.


Are you replacing a window or commercial storefront door due to damage? Follow these steps to protect your business and get up and running again.



Your entry door should reflect the style of your business. It should complement the rest of the building and give customers a glimpse into the vibe of your company.


If you own a coffee shop, for instance, a glass storefront door can give off a welcoming impression and say, "come on in."


If you have an aluminum or steel door, this can make your business appear closed off and less welcoming. These types of doors are better suited for the back rather than the front of your business.


There are plenty of styles of glass doors to choose from, including different frames and sizes and tinting options. You have aluminum frames, revolving doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and so on. Each style comes with its own advantages, and one might suit the look of your business more than another.


Don't forget to consider your budget as well.



Consider the benefits of glass storefront entry doors from the viewpoint of a customer.


Glass doors let in natural light, making your business brighter and airier inside. They also strategically provide customers with a sneak peek of your products. This is an excellent opportunity to give them a great first impression.


With glass doors and windows, customers can see your displays. It provides excellent advertising opportunities as you can place products, decorations, and sale signs on the doors and windows.


You should also think about the benefits of the installation company that you work with. For example, are they there to help you out in the event of an emergency? If your business door or window needs replacement, are they available 24/7?



Lastly, you should consider the amount of maintenance and cleaning you're prepared to do. To get the most benefits from your glass storefront, you need to keep it clean. This might affect the size and style of the glass door you want to get installed.


Use the right cleaning products, and inspect your window regularly to look for cracks or chips. You'll want to address these issues as soon as possible to give your customers the best impression of your business.


Installing Commercial Entry Doors

If you consider our above points, you'll be able to select the perfect storefront door for your business. Choose a material and style that reflects your brand, welcomes customers inside, and keeps your business secure.


Are you looking for a company to install commercial entry doors in Toronto? Leave it to us at Northstar Glass!


If you have any questions, let us walk you through your options.


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