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How to Clean and Maintain Your Glass Surfaces

A person cleaning the glass

Glass is commonly found in mirrors, windows, showers and coffee tables. It is very effective in upgrading the aesthetics and providing the appearance of a wider space. However, a glass surface can be troublesome to clean as it is very fragile. It’s also difficult to know which side the streaks are on. You need adequate knowledge before you can go about cleaning a glass surface.

Northstar Glass has been providing glass replacement, window repair and custom glass craftsmanship services since 2001. We have worked with various types of glass, such as mirrors, bullet-resistant glass and insulated glass. You can make use of a few techniques that we have stated in this blog, for the proper maintenance of glass surfaces.

Tips to Properly Clean Your Glass Surfaces

Cleaning is mostly about using the right type of product. The upkeep of glass surfaces is not easy as different substances can lead to different outcomes. Let’s look into a few tips:

• The right rags

Microfiber or paper cloth will effectively clean glass. Special wood rags can also be used to clean glass without streaks. Do not use plain cotton towels as these will leave lint behind, affecting the beautiful finish. Old newspapers can also be used as it will leave glass clean and sparkling.

• Chemicals

Various chemicals can be used for cleaning glass surfaces. Spray chemicals are very effective and don’t need any specials mixing. You can go for hot soapy water for cleaning glass surfaces to save money. You can also add a little vinegar to the water to give the glass shine.

• Extendable cleaners

Cleaning the inside of windows is easy compared to scrubbing the outside. You can go for special tools that feature telescoping handles. With a squeegee on one side and a soft scrubber on the opposite side, these tools are perfect for cleaning windows outside. Spray the scrubber with the solution and clean your window. You can remove the cleaner with the squeegee.

• Cleaning streaks

You can solve the confusion of finding streaks by going in different directions on the back and front of the glass. Try side-to-side motions on the front and use on down and up motions in the back. You can easily determine where the streaks are when the glass dries up.

Looking for Quality Glass in Scarborough

Northstar Glass is a locally owned and operated company that serves both residential and commercial clients in Scarborough. We install and replace almost all types of glass. We can also help you with custom glass for your home.

Call us to learn more about how we can help you with glass services.


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