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The Top Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Photo of a white kitchen with window glass.

If you're worried that your windows are in need of replacement, it's time to act fast. Broken windows are a safety and security hazard. An unchecked draft can lead to mould and higher utility bills, while broken window latches make it easier for an intruder to enter your home. 

You can keep your home safe, comfortable, and secure by arranging for a speedy window glass replacement as soon as the telltale signs arise. 

Before searching for glass replacement Toronto providers, it's worth confirming that a replacement is strictly necessary. Check if these common window replacement signs are present in your home first. 


Window Replacement Signs: A Persistent Draft

If you're asking, "should I get a window replacement?" the first thing to consider is how drafty your home is.

If you have noticed a sudden draft in your home, the first thing you should check is the windows. It is possible that the sealant on your windows has eroded over time or that a small crack allows cold air in.

If you can't make the draft disappear, then now is the time to opt for a window replacement. 


Excessive Condensation Requires Window Glass Replacement

Sometimes it's not always clear when to get a window replacement. Your windows might not be visibly broken, or you might not have noticed any issues.

However, if you spot a large amount of condensation in between the double windowpanes, then it's time for a replacement.

This usually means that the sealant has broken down, and the double glazing loses its effectiveness. Replace them quickly to avoid a buildup of mould.


Water Damage or Decay On Your Window Frames

When asking, "how long do windows last?" it is worth keeping in mind that years of cold and wet weather will take a toll. After ten years or so, water is more likely to seep in through the seal.

When this occurs, rot, mould, and decay can quickly set in. This could spread throughout your home, necessitating very costly repairs.

This is why you should call a professional window replacement company as soon as the signs of water damage are present.


An Uptick in Audible Outside Noise

If you want to know when to replace windows, ask yourself this: does your home sound noisier than usual? If you have noticed a sudden uptick in audible street noise, your windows could be breaking down.

Excessive noise means that your windows are no longer appropriately insulating your home. Repair or replace them to reduce noise and improve your quality of life. 


The Windows Stop Working Properly 

One of the easiest ways to check if your windows need replacing is to try opening and closing them. If there are any issues, or your windows will not open or close properly, you probably need to replace them.

Rust and mould are common problems in aging windows, and they usually impact the operation of the window latches.

When this happens, it is often easier to replace them outright rather than attempt to repair the degraded window parts on your own.


The Best Value Glass Replacement Toronto  

Have you noticed any of these window replacement signs? If so, now is the time for window glass replacement. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

At Northstar Glass, we have the speediest and best value glass replacement Toronto has to offer. Give our friendly team a call today to get a quote and get your windows back in working order.


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