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How to Maintain Your Storefront Glass to Improve Business Appeal

Storefront glass

Curb appeal is just as crucial for a business as it is for a home. You want the exterior of your retail site to attract new customers even when they are just passing by. A glass storefront lets customers peek in and see what you have to offer, but also seconds as advertisement space. If your Toronto or Scarborough location has a glass storefront, it is critical that you maintain your glass front, because the minute you have dirt, grime, or cracks, it tells customers you do not take that first impression seriously.

Tips for Keeping Your Storefront’s Glass Perfect Year-Round

Cleanliness has a significant impact on a customer’s impression of your business. When shoppers have to question your business location’s cleanliness, they are less likely to go through those doors and see what you have inside. Furthermore, once that negative impression is set, it is hard to reverse. To make your best first impression, here are some tips for maintaining your custom glass in Scarborough:

• Look through the Eyes of a Potential Customer: The only way to perceive how a customer would see your company is to pretend to be one yourself. Go outside and look through your glass storefront. Consider a daily checklist for a business that includes checking the exterior glass for signs of wear, or areas that need cleaning and have an employee do it before opening the store.

• See What the Competition is Doing: Your competitors are your company’s biggest threat. So, visit their locations and see how they look. How well-kept is their glass? Do they have messages or signs posted in the storefront? How quickly can you see through and view the inventory from the street?

• Use the Right Cleaning Products for Your Storefront: Not all glass cleaning products are created the same. Some chemicals might etch your glass, making it more susceptible to build up later. Ask your installer about commercial glass cleaners they recommend so that you keep your glass surface looking as good as new.

• Look at More than Just the Glass: While the glass is essential, so is the frame and sill. Any signs of rot should be addressed immediately. Also, if you notice a draft or small leak coming from the storefront, have it repaired by a pro. Allowing leaks to continue puts your store’s inventory at risk, but also could reduce the lifespan of your storefront. Moisture could develop in between the panes, forcing you to replace the glass rather than repair.

• Have Cracks and Chips Repaired Quickly: Winter, high winds, and foot traffic all increase the chances your storefront window will experience a crack, chip or another form of damage. Allowing those to remain gives them the chance to expand. Once a break extends too far, you are looking at a replacement instead of a simple repair. Call in the team from Northstar Glass immediately. We can repair, often the same day, so your storefront remains flawless.

Need Repairs or Glass Replacement in Toronto?

Storefront windows are the focal point of your business. Do not let unsightly cracks, chips, and damaged sills put negative images in your potential clients’ heads. Instead, let the repair professionals from Northstar Glass repair or replace your custom glass.

See the repair options or receive an estimate for your glass replacement today by calling Northstar Glass. Call 416-750-8688 or request more information online.


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