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4 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing in Toronto ​

window glass broken

Windows are an integral part of both the look and comfort of your home or business. They also play an important role in energy conservation, and in the case of a business they are key to attracting customers. This is why it’s good to pay attention to them, and be aware when the time has come to replace your existing windows. Whether we’re talking about the windows in your home or business, here are four signs your windows need replacing, as suggested by the window repair and glass replacement specialists at Northstar Glass, in Toronto.

  • They are broken, warped, or otherwise damaged. In certain cases, it might be possible to repair your windows in Toronto. Minor issues, like replacing hardware or weather stripping, are easily handled. However, more extreme damage usually calls for a replacement. Broken frames and glass are easy to spot, but warps can be more difficult to see. If you find your windows fogging, or you feel a draft, it may be time to call a window repair specialist.

  • Reducing your energy bill. Windows are an important part of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or business, and having drafty windows can quickly run up your energy bill. You might consider replacing your older windows by energy-efficient ones. Doing so will not only let you save some dollars on your energy bill, but will also increase the value of your home.

  • Furniture, carpets or window treatments are fading. Older windows, especially single pane ones, do a poor job of blocking harmful UV rays. Switching to Low Emissivity (Low E) windows can not only help lower your energy bill, but will also keep most of the UVB light out.

  • They are unattractive. Curb appeal is as important for your home as it is for your business. Newer window models have the dual benefit of being more energy efficient, and being available in a wide variety of attractive appearances. Whether you’re looking to give your house a make-over and adding to its value, or simply looking to build a more inviting and interesting.

Looking in, looking out Your windows keep you safe and warm, and provide your view on the outside world. They are also one of the first features potential clients will notice. At Northstar Glass, we can help your house or business look their best, all the while providing you with increased comfort and energy-efficiency. Give us a call, or visit our website, and see what we can do for you.


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