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The Importance of Proper Glass Door Installation: Safety and Security Considerations

an image of a glass door frame with a doorstopper.

If you're considering upgrading your doors and windows, you're in for some good news. That's because you may be eligible for a loan based on the Canada Greener Homes Initiatives

Homeowners could get up to $5,000 for replacing their doors, windows, or sliding glass doors with energy-efficient models. Additionally, certain provinces, such as Ontario, may provide provincial home renovation tax credits. 

That said, as beautiful and energy-efficient glass doors are, there are installation factors to consider. Here's what you need to know about proper glass door installation for safety and security.

Glass Door Installation Done Right

Any door installation company can do a decent job with the best products, right? What matters is investing in excellent door locks and door frames.

This is what you may be thinking. However, you must understand that even the finest locks can be easily picked or broken.

determined criminal also knows that poorly installed frames can be shaken off balance. It doesn't take much effort if they're already weakened or rotted through exposure to the elements. 

Meanwhile, exposed hinges are vulnerable to specific tools. Plus, with some know-how, it's pretty easy to lift sliding panels off the bottom track. That's why hiring glass door experts who can secure your doors and windows from the get-go is essential. 

The Northstar Glass Difference

Double-glazed doors are a good choice, but they still need more to prevent a break-in. We recommend installing a protective film to reinforce the glass. It's also best to install a compatible alarm system.

Northstar Glass can also ensure that your glass doors have corrosion-resistant metal hardware. Regardless of the weather, this can keep your door in tip-top shape.  

As for frameless sliding glass doors, we can install those that lock from the inside, but if you prefer to add extra locks on other panels, you can still do so. We will also ensure that the hinges aren't accessible from the outside. On the other hand, our residential and commercial glass sliding doors cannot be lifted from their guiding channels.

Consider After-Sales Service

You've chosen the best door installation company. You're confident they have recommended superior products and will install them with your safety and security in mind.

That's great, but don't forget about after-sales service. No matter how excellent your glass doors and windows are, accidents can still happen. The glass door installation company you choose should also offer repairs or replacements, and their products must come with warranties or guarantees.

Protect What Matters the Most

Aesthetic, energy-efficient doors and windows are nice, but they'd be even more wonderful if they kept your home or business secure. 

Beyond door locks and door frames, choose a glass door installation company like Northstar Glass that can help install, reinforce, repair, and replace your glass doors and windows.

To learn more about our professional custom glass services in Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area, you may check out our glass projects. You may also browse our site to learn more about custom glass, glass and window repair, and more.


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