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The Benefits of Using an All Glass Curtain Wall for Your Scarborough Office

benefits of glass

Whether you just bought a new space, or you are renovating your current office, one area you might not have thought of, is the walls.

Regardless of your square footage, you want your office to feel spacious for employees, visitors, and clients alike. Office glass walls for Scarborough offices are a popular option because they expand the space you have and offer a unique decorative approach.

Why Use All Glass Walls in Your Office?

Glass interior walls create a bold, unique office that helps pull your interior out of the traditional, drab and closed up interior. Glass walls are becoming more popular because they create the illusion of open, free space – even if you have minimal square footage.

When you are thinking of your wall options, here are some benefits of using glass in your Toronto location:

  • A Reflection of Professionalism and Integrity: Glass provides a sleek décor that gives your business a modern, professional look. Offices encased in glass walls can also portray honesty because you have nothing to hide when everything is out in the open. You are removing the stigma of anything “behind closed doors” for customers and employees.

  • Improved Communication: Glass walls make employees feel more comfortable approaching other, especially when they can see the person on the other side they would be talking to. Knocking on an office door where you cannot see the other side is intimidating – and discourages people from approaching their coworkers. By removing that barrier, communication can improve.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Glass naturally improves light, which reduces your company’s demands for artificial lighting. That means lower electricity costs for your business.

  • Cheaper Renovations: Putting up traditional walls costs more in construction than installing glass. Therefore, glass can further reduce your company’s office space renovation costs and upfront investments.

  • Improved Productivity Among Your Staff: A bright, open workspace enhances productivity itself. Also, when employees have improved communication, projects complete faster. Furthermore, employees are more likely to work when they know that their teammates and supervisors can see them.

  • Durable and Long-lasting: While it might be glass, it is still durable and offers your office a long-term solution. The glass used in office walls is thicker than traditional glass, and it can also block out noise so offices are not distracted by hallway activity.

Call Northstar Glass for Your Glass Replacements in Toronto

If your office is ready to embrace the all-glass curtain walls, let Northstar Glass help. Our team has experience with glass curtains and full glass panels in the commercial setting. We offer custom glass here in Scarborough so that you can get the glass wall panels that suit your company’s design preferences. We can also create tempered glass or frosted finishes for those areas of the office that need extra privacy.

Get started by contacting Northstar Glass for a consultation. Our team offers commercial office glass walls and glass replacement in the Toronto area. Call 416-750-8688 or request more information online.


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