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Luxury Bathroom Makeovers with a Frameless Shower Enclosure in Toronto

Luxury Bathroom With a Frameless Shower.

Many people want their bathrooms to look like luxurious retreats to help bring some experiential living and healing if they upgrade. The frameless shower enclosure trend has been gathering steam in Toronto and helps emphasize a bathroom's design.

If you're looking to update your bathroom with frameless glass enclosures but aren't sure where to start, read on for some tips and advice on installation.

Getting Started with Your Frameless Shower Enclosure Project in Toronto

Whether hiring a professional or DIY, you should follow some general guidelines. Following these can assist you in the long run and prevent any troubles down the road. At NorthStar Glass, we help with installing glass installations in Toronto.

Glass Installation Dos

Research ahead of time

Consider the size and shape of your bathroom, the materials you will be using, and the design aesthetics you aim for. Otherwise, you might end up causing more confusion or damage than good. It's critical to emphasize taking the appropriate measurements before beginning your project!

Consult a professionally certified contractor

The success and cost of a project can also depend on whether you have the right contractor or DIY-gone-wrong. Likewise, if you bought poor-quality doors or haven't installed the shower doors properly, they can become unstable. This is where safety issues can come in if nobody is careful.

The main factors to first look at are whether your contractor is licensed, has insurance, and has the proper warranties.

Considering the type of glass

If you want resistant glass, you should consider, as many experts may tell you, tempered or impact-resistant laminated glass installations. This means that they are more robust and may have dual or triple-paned glass properties. It helps insulate the temperatures if this is the case making it more energy-efficient.

You must also consider other properties, such as glass thickness options and surface treatment.

Glass Installation Don'ts

Not preventing damage

Don't buy poor-quality frameless glass shower doors from a supplier, or not look after them. Make sure to talk to your contractor to help you choose the right glass and prevent unnecessary costs in the future. Always check for:

  • Cracks or damage to any parts of the surface.

  • Permanent protective treatment if possible.

  • Anchor points and joints are appropriately adjusted and sealed.

  • Not using a level and correct measurements that will ensure an accurate, seamless finish.

  • Keep everything clean while you are working on your glass installations project.

Finishing Touches on Your Luxury Frameless Shower Enclosure Project

It's time to start your project once you have a clear idea of what you want and have educated yourself on the above guidelines.

Before enjoying all the benefits of a frameless shower enclosure, you must get the glass installation done right. Not only that, but the small factors you may miss are where we come in. At Northstar Glass, we can help customize your projects to ensure that it meets your specific needs and budget.

We will definitely walk you through the entire process. Check our website for more information and take the first step towards elegant glass installations in Toronto!


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