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How to Choose the Best Doors for Your Shower

a modern bathroom with glass shower doors and black marble in Toronto

North America's shower glass door market gained around 3,493.4 million dollars in 2020. With such a large market, it should be easy for you to find glass shower doors. However, finding the right ones for your bathroom can still be challenging.  Read on to learn some tips on how to choose a shower door!


Get Your Shower Door Measurements First

The first step before buying a new shower door is to get the necessary measurements. Most of this will include measuring the space where the door will go. However, there are a few other measurements to keep in mind as well.

To get the ideal width of the shower door, measure the top, bottom, and middle of your shower stall. The longest width between all these three should be what you use to choose your shower door width. If you're getting two shower doors, divide the width in half or add in about an inch of overlap if they're sliding.

For height, you can measure from the bottom to the ceiling of your shower stall if you wish. However, you may not want this style. If so, measure the height of the tallest person in your family and/or how high the showerhead is off the ground and use this for your shower door height.

Match a Glass Shower Door to Your Decor

Shower doors have a variety of aesthetics for you to choose from. For example, you may want frosted or patterned glass styles rather than clear. You may also prefer to have a frameless shower door over a framed one.

If you're wondering how to choose a frameless shower door, a tempered glass one, etc., the answer is simple. Look up some different pictures of shower styles on your phone. You can then hold up your phone in your bathroom and see how the style matches your bathroom decor.

Consider Which Shower Door Will Work Best in Your Space

Should you have a shower door that swings open or one that slides? A choice like this should be based on how much space you have in your bathroom. The wrong opening style can make it difficult for you and your housemates to get in and out of the shower.

For example, it may be difficult to open a swinging door fully if you have a small bathroom. A sliding door may be the better option in this case. Picture how a certain opening style will function in the bathroom and choose the opening style accordingly.

Get the Best Glass Shower Doors Toronto Has From Northstar Glass

If you're still having trouble deciding which glass shower doors to get, consider getting help from others. Try asking for feedback from your housemates or others that you know.

When you're ready, Northstar Glass can provide you with the best custom glass shower doors that your Toronto home deserves. With over 25 years in the business, it's guaranteed that we will have the skills and knowledge to satisfy your needs. Contact Northstar Glass today to ask us questions or schedule a consultation.

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