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Glass Replacement Toronto: How to Properly Measure Glass Windows

Bedroom with glass windows and glass doors

Not all windows are created equally. However, you can expect your panes to last between 15 and 20 years.

If the glass windows in your home have started showing their age, though, then you may be daydreaming about changing them. Or maybe you're hoping to replace your old windows with new, sleek glass panes.

How do you do it? You may not even know where to start with this project. We say to start by reading one: here are our best tips to help you measure a window or make a door measurement for glass replacement like a pro.


Measure Glass Windows' Width

Whether you want pre-made windows or custom-made ones, you'll have to measure your home's windows so the new ones will slot in perfectly.

This starts by learning the measuring technique. When it comes to the width, measure your pane from jamb to jamb. Don't just measure it once, though — repeat this process a handful of times to see how wide the top and bottom of the window are, too.

Write down the smallest width, as that will be the measurement you use to get your window widths perfect.

Then, Onto the Height

Don't put the measuring tape away just yet. This time hold a tape measure to the top of the window jamb. Stretch that all the way down to the windowsill and write down the number — that's your length.

You'll do three measurements again: left, right and center. The shortest length of the three is the one you should write down, just as you did for the width. That way, the window will fit without gaps or buckling, even in the smallest part of the pre-existing frame.

And That's Not All

You need to make sure you're measuring your windows properly. Yes, we've told you where to measure for the most accurate window dimensions. But there's more you can do to ensure your measurements are just so.

For starters, make sure you're measuring your windows from the inside, not from the outside. This will make your new windows even more energy-efficient, as they will fit in snugly and not let out any of your heating or air-conditioning.

And don't measure your height and width just once — if you do a few extra measurements for posterity, you're sure to get back a perfectly sized window. Tailors say, "Measure twice, cut once," and that sewing advice applies to your new window installation project, too.

Measure Your Windows

Are you ready to replace your glass windows now that you have these tips in mind? Or do you want new windows for a new look or an eco-friendlier household?

No matter what, if you find yourself unenthused by the idea of a DIY project, or if you still need help after following along, don't hesitate to reach out. If you are looking for glass replacement in Toronto, Northstar Glass can help you measure and install the perfect windows. Click here to contact us and learn more.


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