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Four Signs Its Time for You to Replace Your Glass

A person fixing the glass of the window

Glass and glass fixtures experience wear and tear, resulting in a need for upgrades to meet new standards. When we notice the signs (early), we get to decide if it's appropriate to repair or replace.


How can you tell when to seek professional glass replacement in Toronto? Keep reading. 


In our article, you'll learn the signs it's time to replace your glass.


Worsened Cracks and Other Damages

Small cracks become major problems when it is not repaired since it becomes worse over time.


It may not look like it, but additional damage could shatter a window or glass fixture! This could pose a real danger to anyone near it or happen to be the one to cause it. You don't want this outcome for your family or place of business.


Likewise, damages to a window's frame bring about its own set of problems. Drafts let air leak out/in, raising your energy consumption and bills. Likewise, damaged frames mean bugs can get in, potential water damages, and so much more.


Get in touch with a glass specialist in the Scarborough area the moment you see damages. Quick action can be the difference between a replacement or a simple fix.


You're Considering an Aesthetic Upgrade

About 70% of younger Canadians say they're considering renovating their home within a year.


From home aesthetics to necessary, energy-efficient upgrades, windows are one of several reno goals. If windows are looking drab and dated, then it makes perfect sense to consider it time to replace the glass!


Custom glass from our Scarborough shop is a fantastic option to pair alongside staple upgrades and updates. This allows homeowners to add unique features to their home, improving its value (an added benefit if you’re planning to sell) while achieving desirable design aesthetics. Plus, it's fun, quite an accomplishment, and a talking point when you create your own custom glass features!


You Want to Create a Quiet Place

The hustle and bustle of Toronto can get a bit loud.


The cars, people, construction, and events all lend to noise pollution. This can lead to uneasiness and an increase in stress. 


If you're hearing a lot of noise coming through your windows, then it's time for an upgrade (for sanity's sake). High-quality, energy-efficient windows offer ample soundproofing for your home or business. This can bring peace of mind to occupants, leading to a happier home/office life for all.


You're Looking to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Businesses come and go in the greater Toronto area, but the building remains.


Sometimes, you might get a surprise when setting up shop in some of the older locations! Prior occupants may not have taken the best care of the storefront, or maybe they never got around to doing an appropriate, energy-efficient update!


Consider custom storefront glass for a unique appearance that also handles the much-needed upgrade!


Choose Us When Replacing Your Glass

Now that you're aware of the signs, it's time to choose a quality glass company.

Look no further than Northstar Glass for all your commercial, residential, and custom glass needs. We're locally-owned and operated, offering some of the best glass replacement services in Toronto and throughout the Scarborough area.

From shower enclosures and curtain walls to storefronts, emergency repairs, and more, our team is on stand-by for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and schedule a free on-site consultation today!


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