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A Business Owner’s Guide to Protecting Storefront Glass Doors in Toronto

Business glass door and storefront

Glass storefronts are an easy access point for unwanted burglars. Luckily, with the right protection, you can keep your storefront glass from becoming the entryway for theft.

Northstar Glass prides itself on being an expert in glass doors in Toronto. We have over 25 years of retail glass storefront experience. We've seen just about everything unexpected that could go wrong with a storefront.

We've created ways to protect your business from the unexpected, so you don't have to worry. Read our guide below to learn how to protect your storefront glass.


1. Security Window Film

Security window film is an affordable tool used to reinforce the glass. It works by minimizing the impact on the glass.

This means that if a burglar were to try and shatter your glass, the glass would break, but there would still be no access to the burglar. The shattered glass would remain intact by the security window film reinforcement.

The difficulty of entry is likely to scare the burglar away. You'd still suffer property damage but likely would have no theft.

2. Laminated Security Glass

Laminated security glass is five times stronger than security window film. This makes it resistant to multiple break-in impacts with common burglary tools such as a crowbar or hammer.

It is more expensive to install but a low-maintenance protective solution. The most popular brands for this kind of solution are Riot Glass and ArmorPlast.

At Northstar Glass, we are able to fit these solutions into your existing windows. We offer custom glass doors in Toronto in addition to glass repairs, reinforcements, and remodels.

3. Security Screens and Cameras

These look like window screens in your home that are used to keep bugs out. However, these screens are composed of heavy-duty steel. They are incredibly hard to break through, especially when paired with reinforced glass.

Security cameras outside the store will get noticed by seasoned burglars. Hopefully, it will scare them away from even touching your glass.

4. Bars and Grills

Bars and grills are a less attractive way to protect the glass. They are made of heavy metal and are tough to break through. The downside is the appearance and inconvenience of your employees needing to lock up every night.

5. Regular Maintenance

We've only discussed how to protect your glass from unexpected intruders. What about expected elements like weather and age?

Glass doors in Toronto are especially susceptible to these elements. The greatest precaution you can take to protect your business's glass is regularly inspecting it and repairing any damage.

Just one crack can weaken an entire sheet of glass, making it more susceptible to further damage. If you're unsure if your glass is old or damaged, Northstar Glass is happy to inspect your retail glass storefront for your peace of mind.

Protect Your Glass Doors in Toronto!

Better safe than sorry, as they say. Weather, time and unwanted looting suspects all pose a threat to your glass.

The aftermath of broken glass is dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming to deal with. Be proactive and install commercial glass doors that will protect your business and let it catch the eye of customers.

If you're looking for new glass doors in Toronto or just want your glass-reinforced, we do it all. Our services are 24/7 to take care of your immediate and cosmetic glass needs.

Contact Northstar Glass in Toronto to protect your business today.


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