Window repairing

When Should You Consider Repairing Your Windows?

Windows help in maintaining the aesthetics of your home and provide comfort and safety. If you notice a change in temperature and the level of noise in your home, it is time to check for damaged windows. Consider window repair instead of replacement to maintain your window's structure and performance. Count on Northstar Glass for efficient window repair services. We have been providing our clients with reliable window repair throughout the Greater Toronto area since 2001.


Here are a few scenarios when you should consider window repair:

1. Cracked or Broken Window Panes

Windows can have broken, cracked glass or scratches due to chemical cleaners, harsh weather or foreign objects. Instead of replacing the entire window frame, consider repairing the damaged portion and the sash. For double or triple-paned windows, replace only the part that is damaged.

2. Old and Worn Down Window Frames

Window exterior goes through wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions. If the windows are old, they might have rotted frames or cracks. Sometimes, the window exterior can be repaired by sanding or repainting the frame. But if the parts in your frame are rotten, it’s easier to just replace the frame and hardware.

3. Fog Between Window Panes

Multi-pane windows get foggy when the seal protecting the window assembly breaks, and moisture accumulates. Damage to the seal is caused by exposure to heat and water. With seal failure, moisture enters into the sealed pane. Multiple window panes have a layer of gas in between them that acts as insulation. You can repair your windows by replacing the sash and the panes.

4. Issues With Sash movement

Older windows might have issues with the sash movement due to multiple paint layers that hold the sash and the frame together. If you have spring-type sashes, the spring might have failed or come loose. These issues are solved with simple sash repair.

5. Caulking and Weather Stripping

Heat loss can occur between window frames and sashes. Caulking and weather stripping can reduce air leakage through these pathways. Instead of replacing the entire window frame, repair the caulk and weather stripping.

6. Rotted Window Sills

Wooden window sills can swell and rot over time due to heavy wind and rain. Replace the window sill instead of the entire window to correct this problem.

7. Stubborn Windows

Check for broken hardware if you have difficulty in opening and closing your windows. Replace the damaged hardware inside the latches or hinges for an easy fix.

Window repair depends on the extent of damage to your windows and glass. There are many benefits of hiring a professional window and glass repair service provider for your repair needs.

Northstar Glass also provides custom glass installation, commercial and residential glass designs including tempered safety glass, screen repairs and glazing supplies.

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